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Preparing Your Shop for Mother’s Day During COVID-19

With Mother’s Day in our midst, it is hard for florists not to worry about how Coronavirus will directly affect their sales.  According to the National Retail Federation, 78 percent of consumers say, that based on the current state of coronavirus, celebrating Mother’s Day is extremely important to them.  

That sentiment was echoed during the Mothers’ Day Planning webinar held by the Society of American Florists. As mothers around the world are feeling extremely isolated, flowers are many people’s opportunities to be present even when they have to be at a distance.  

As much of the population has found themselves at home, many consumers have turned to online shopping during this pandemic. Conversions are higher than usual, and consumers are spending an average of 30% more.   

According to SAF President Chris Drummond, AAF, PFCI, of Penny’s by Plaza Flowers, consumers are starved for real human connections since experienced gifts like dinners, concerts, or day outs, are off the table for the foreseeable future. Many people will turn to flowers to fill the void.  

It’s important to make sure that your shop is ready labor-wise. Since March 14, roughly 13.5% of the American labor force filed for unemployment benefits. With so many people looking for work, you should create job postings on Indeed, Facebook Jobs, Craigslist, and even Marque ads for Mother’s Day staffing. It’s important to build your staff as soon as possible, bring in both new and old employees. Try using employees as recruiters and pay them for successful acquisitions on your team.  

This Mother’s Day will be a test of your shop’s efficiency. Your biggest goal this holiday should be to get the most money out of production. Your featured items but be quick production designs. Aim to create designs that are simple but look elegant. Consider combining potted plants with cut florals or more flowering plant designs.  

When listing items on your website or promotions, make sure to list items from highest to lowest price. Consumers tend to make a purchase within the first three options.  

Social distancing measures have affected every business, especially when it comes to delivery. Businesses have had to shift to contactless delivery methods to stay with guidelines. This limits the amount of contact between employees and consumers.   

Make sure that your shop has made the needed adaptions to this new normal. There should be one truck per driver that is disinfected at least twice a day, once at lunch and once at the end of the shift.  There needs to be one workstation per designer, and there should be no tool sharing. Try to increase social distancing measures. Six feet may not be enough space in-between designers. As the store owner, it is important to provide masks for everyone and train them on proper and frequent disinfectant measures.

As the country deals with the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to prepare for the future of your business. Mother’s Day will be proof that the floral industry can still thrive under current circumstances.   

Visit here to watch the full Mothers’ Day Planning webinar and for more information on upcoming webinars from the Society of American Florists.