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Prepare Your Store for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Your shop’s job is to share a piece of this season of love among the smiles of those who enter your shop.  More customers mean more profit for your shop. Plus, spreading cheer is always a bonus. 

Share the love and appreciation you have for your loyal customers with self-branded Valentine’s cards. It keeps your shop in their minds the next time they need a flower arrangement.  

Flowers and Valentine’s Day coincide like trees to Christmas. General discounts are a great approach to Valentine’s Day marketing. Consider adding a promo code in a Valentine’s Day card as a gesture of appreciation to your loyal customers. Remind them to preorder their flowers.  Draw in those customers by discounting your product pricing and promoting your sales. Make your shop stand out. 

Your general store displays should reflect the holiday while drawing in the consumer. Welcome them in with red and pink hearts and gorgeous long-stem roses. Show them what they didn’t know they needed. Remind them the key to the heart of a loved one is found in spontaneous gestures of love. Keep your displays festive and bright to draw in that wondering eye.  

Experience what Valentine’s Day has to offer by preparing for the chaos of it all. Just don’t forget to take time for yourself in the process.