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The Potential of Pinterest

Potential of Pinterest


It’s easy to prioritize marketing resources for Facebook as is has over 1.5 billion users who visit it almost daily, or even Instagram who isn’t far behind with 800 million, and you can’t forget Twitter with over 400 million users. But then there’s Pinterest, with more and more users creating Pinterest accounts we are going to explore is it really worth staff time to build that presence or if your business can do without.

Potential of Pinterest














         Pinterest Basics

If you’re not familiar with how Pinterest works, let’s explain. As users browse online, users can save images and write descriptions which they post as “Pins.”  They organize their Pins on “Boards” they create, which are collections of Pins. Users usually sort Boards by interest, topic or product categories. Followers see these Pins and can re-pin them to their own Boards, share it to other social media or share with other Pinners. Pins can also be found by anyone just by searching Pinterest.

Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest currently touts “only” 100 million active users but these folks conduct more than two billion searches a month! Here is some more of that data:

96 percent of pinners use the platform to plan purchases and among those

60 percent use it to choose home and décor products

67 percent of Pinners will experience a major life event in the next six months such as marriage new home, pregnancy, vacation, remodel/redecoration or party planning

67 percent of Pinners are under the age of 40

82 percent being female

Pinterest has always been a good proposition if you have a vibrant wedding business, but it’s apparent Millennials in general, dominate the user base and have plenty of occasions that flowers may play a role. It’s time to consider adding Pinterest into your social media marketing strategy.

For more information, read both the 2017 September-October and the November-December issues of Floriology which share how to get started on Pinterest and provide more advanced strategies on even how to sell directly to the consumer using Buyable Pins.