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Posting, Sharing...Growing

“The awe factor” is what Kimberly Carter calls it. And it’s something that she works tirelessly to achieve in every floral design she creates. Kimberly, who with her husband Eric Fieten, owns Sacred Botanical Design Studio in Mokena, Illinois, knows that referrals are one of the best strategies for increasing sales and revenues… and one of the most successful ways to build those referrals is through social media.

Kimberly relies heavily on Facebook and Instagram to share her extensive experience, highlight her design style and showcase the beautiful arrangements she provides to her clients. She also posts facts and tidbits about various blooms as well as flower trivia and other interesting information to further engage customers and prospects who visit her social sites.

“The idea is to generate a high level of interest and, most importantly, a following, one in which they cannot stop talking about you,” states Kimberly. “Social sites are a great way to promote our business…urging clients to share their feedback with us in a positive way while helping to feed our growth when clients recommend us to their friends and family.”

With more than 25 years of background and knowledge as a floral designer, Kimberly opened Sacred Botanical Design Studio in 2018. She designs for a wide array of events including weddings, anniversaries, business gatherings, children’s parties and many other occasions.

Kimberly also gives back to the community by hosting design classes for the local Girl Scouts troop, teaching them how to make memorable arrangements and bringing a smile of accomplishment to each girl’s face. She also shares her floral design artistry at nearby retirement communities, nursing homes and rehab centers.

Currently, Kimberly is also working with an organization called NAWS, the Humane Society of Illinois. She is planning a floral design class at the NAWS facility, during which she will donate her time and talents with proceeds going to the organization.

In addition to social media, Kimberly employs other strategies to fuel business growth. Among these is the tried-and-true practice of keeping in touch with customers. “I always do follow-ups with clients, especially brides,” she says. “For instance, I will send them a first anniversary greeting, keeping the lines of communication open because I care about them and also because it can prompt my brides to suggest my floral design expertise to other people.”

Kimberly also makes sure to gather and keep track of email addresses, and she regularly sends out reminders for the special occasions in her clients’ lives – such as upcoming birthdays.

“Taking care of our clients with great designs and personal service, going above and beyond for them, making them really happy…this, combined with constantly getting the word out about our studio and our capabilities…is what drives our growth,” sums up Kimberly.

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