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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Especially in the Age of Social Media!

As social media, marketing and the need to communicate via text and email continue to change in the industry so do the visuals we use. We are constantly needing to provide visuals of our work... either for prospective event clients and/or for corporate clients, as well as for our special-occasion and everyday customers.

We also have the added challenge of promoting our brands on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. It is just an added task that is not merely a suggestion but a necessity in today’s market. Part of the process of having visuals (photos and videos) for these tasks is creating them. It may seem like an arduous task or one that is often said to be “Far too Expensive.”

In the past, the only way to get good quality photos that are high-resolution enough to use for printed materials was to hire a professional photographer. That is still the recommended method, especially if you are using the visuals for reprint, for print assets or for printed publications. However, for your social posting and self-promotions, a few well-spent dollars can give you exceptional, high-resolution photos to use for online sharing, corporate clients, special occasion/everyday customers, and portfolio updates.

“A few well-spent dollars can give you exceptional, high resolution photos to use for online sharing, corporate clients, special occasion/everyday customers, and portfolio updates.”

Almost everyone has a camera on their cell phone. And, if you have bought a cell phone in the last couple of years, you have one of the highest quality point and shoot cameras available.

1, 2} Of course, you can purchase a camera for even higher quality shots, but you do not necessarily need to. Instead, you can take that money and invest in a laminated photo sweep to create a small studio in your shop...providing a clean background for producing great looking visuals of your work. This is one of the most important advances you can make for better photos. A clean white backdrop (average price $35 to $50) with no wrinkles and no seams will allow you many options for use.

3, 4} If you want to have something a bit more mobile or something that can be taken down when not being used, look for a “photo cube” that is collapsible and easily packs away. You can also purchase inexpensive clip-on lights to illuminate the cube.

And, the backdrop that comes with the cube can be easily laundered. The 36” cube and three clip-on lights plus extension cords cost less than $75.

5} If you have the space and want to really be a step ahead of your competition, go for the full studio set-up: 8’ to 10’ backdrop, with LED lights as well as showdown boxes to soften the harsh direct light, along with a microphone (total cost as little as $250). This is a great investment and it will give you professional looking photos and visual records of your creations.

The bottom line? It’s been said you are only as good as your last design. So, make sure the photo speaks that same language!