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Petal to the Metal

Danny Sanchez and Sam Noriega are building a formidable floral presence in South Florida. The two are co owners of a growing business encompassing a wholesale location and several retail shops…with plans to expand even further.

“It began for us in 2006 when we purchased a floral distribution center,” says Danny. “We ran that for several years, and beginning in 2014, we purchased our first retail location.” That shop is called Miami Gardens Florist, and soon Danny and Sam added three other shops to their roster: Flowermart Florist in Jupiter, Florida; Driftwood Florist, also in Jupiter, and most recently, Flowers of Fort Lauderdale.

Adding to those shops, the wholesale Miami Flower Market had its grand opening in September 2016, making a big splash in the local community complete with food trucks, photo booths… and drones taking videos from above. “We did a lot of Facebook marketing to promote our new flower market, and the grand opening turned out to be more than we could have imagined, with over 1,800 people standing in line waiting to come in,”states Danny.

Besides providing flower bunches and stems on a wholesale basis and offering customers the convenience of a huge walk-in cooler, Miami Flower Market has become a go to source for events. The highly-attended events include a wide assortment of classes and workshops covering such topics as how to create beautiful bouquets, floral crowns, and centerpieces, along with ideas for crafting terrarium gardens as well as holiday-specific items such as wreaths. “We host between 15 and 20 classes a month,” Danny says.

Complementing the growth of Miami Flower Market, the four retail shops located in Miami, Jupiter, and Fort Lauderdale are also highly successful. Danny and Sam continue to drive growth through a steady stream of social media marketing while also emphasizing personalized service as a way of generating customer loyalty and repeat sales. “Our ‘See What You Send’ program is very popular… we send customers photos of their arrangements
before they’re delivered, giving them peace of mind in knowing each arrangement is just right,” Danny states.

What’s more, as Danny and Sam are quick to point out, their team of talented employees also plays a vital role in the growth of the business. “They all share our passion for flowers and for creating a memorable customer experience, helping to drive our success every day,” sums up Danny.

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Fast Facts:


Fast Facts:

Owners: Danny Sanchez and Sam Noriega
Locations: Miami Flower Market, Miami, FL; Miami Gardens Florist, Miami, FL; Flowermart Florist, Jupiter, FL; Driftwood Florist, Jupiter, FL, Flowers of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Employees: 37