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Now accepting EMV Chip Cards and ApplePay!

EMV Chip cards

EMV Chip Card & ApplePay Acceptance is Here!

By now you've heard words like "EMV" "CHIP and PIN" "COMPLIANCE" and "PCI". If you don't know what these mean, click here for the detail. If this detail doesn't interest you and you just want the short version: With the new EMV Credit Card offering from BloomNet and Vantiv, you can now accept EMV compliant card payments and ApplePay!




EMV Chip cards

How can I get a terminal to accept EMV Chip Cards and ApplePay?

It's simple! BloomNet Technologies has worked with Vantiv to implement the means necessary to begin accepting Chip enabled cards and ApplePay via BMS. Any shop with a Vantiv Acquired account will simply need to update their Business Management System Client, purchase a low-cost EMV Terminal from Vantiv and work with one of our trusted technicians to ensure transactions are being processed successfully using the new EMV Terminal.




EMV Chip cards

What if I don't have a Vantiv Acquired Merchant Account?

We would be happy to work with you on setting up a Vantiv Acquired account so you can realize the benefits of processing through EMV and accepting ApplePay. If you're interested in learning more about accepting EMV Chip Enabled Cards and ApplePay, contact us today through BMS Chat support or emailing for more information.