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Never-Ending Love Symbolized

The meaning of the circle as a symbol is universal. It is seen as a divine sign, sacred to several cultures. It symbolizes the ongoing energy found in nature, and it also represents the way the universe includes everything.

Among the more popular circular bridal designs right now is the moon gate (an example, shown here, was designed by Patience Pickner). We have seen the trend of the moon gate expand to new décor ideas for weddings and receptions. Alternative ideas have blossomed into bridal bouquets and arrangements. One interpretation of the moon gate is that it is complete, representing and celebrating the cohesiveness of the family. This complete circle provides entry to a pathway for the family members to return home to celebrate one another.

Here is an updated bridal bouquet interpretation using a wire circle as an armature for the asymmetrical design. The ring will represent infinite love between the couple, love that does not end. It is a symbol of forever. The circle represents being inclusive, whole, and united. It is the deep meaning of the circle that will keep this trend moving forward.

This dream catcher circle interpretation uses the minimal product to create a large impact.

NEW TREND ALERT: Bleached dried products. This updated ceremony interpretation of a half-circle uses pampas grass. (Design and photo by De La Flor Florist)

Circle designs are making a presence in bridal bouquets…however, mechanics can be challenging to create these bouquets. This bouquet is created using two metal rings, 6-inch and 12- inch, along with gold etched wire wrapped at the top to join them and create a handle. Then it was randomly twisted around the fingers and wound onto the wireframe. Floral materials were attached using UGlu strips from the back finished with foliage and on the front foliage was tapped into the UGlu and the focal orchid flowers were glued onto the form with Oasis floral adhesive in a tube.

A simpler look is achieved just using a 12-inch metal ring. A handle was added at the top to give a finished professional look. The three UGlu strips were applied on the front and back. The foliage was used on the backside and the front to give depth and balance to the design. Dendrobium orchids were locked in with an additional strip of UGlu. Phalaenopsis orchid blooms were added with Oasis floral adhesive.

QUICK TIP: braided aluminum wire, 6 strands 1 yard long, will make a strong circle.

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