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Napco Trends: "Holiday Swirl"

Holiday Swirl

This playfull collection is sure to bring holiday cheer. Bright red and lime green sparkle and shine on smiling snowmen and jolly Santas!  Fun, glittery, and bright are all words that describe this Napco collection. Holiday Swirl brings the holiday cheer with bright red and lime green Christmas motives. Happy snow men and jolly Santa Clauses are perfect to animate any environment in the Christmas season.

The “LED Ornament Water Globe” will enchant you with its light and glitter. The “Holiday Bulb Ornaments” and “Red and Green Snowflakes” are perfect to decorate the Christmas three. Make sure to check out the adorable “Snowman Face Oval Planters” which are perfect for wonderful floral arrangements. The traditional red and green are awesome for this festive season!

This is a classic modern collection. You will find your traditional ceramic Christmas tree to your trendy glittery LED snow globe ornament.  This whimsical fun collection adds a cheerful glittery layer to this year’s North Pole trend. Never be afraid to sparkle! Holiday swirl is here to brighten up your festivities!