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Midnight Floral Foam


It’s very easy to stick with products we know and love. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and try some new products. Watch your arrangements fly right of the shelfs with this new product from Smithers OASIS called Midnight Floral Foam.  

Well what’s the difference with Midnight Floral Foam and Max Life Green Foam that I have been using. Well guess what Midnight Floral Foam absorbs moisture but responds just like the Max Life Green Foam and you can leave it exposed, who doesn’t want that. That’s not the only benefit it brings, you can also wet it and give it that dark modern look.   

With the great life it brings to you, it gives you that beautiful look you want. Let’s take that clear container you have laying around and turn it into a great center piece for your black and white weddings, table topper or an event! Just by adding water to a container give it that polished ebony container look.  

Let’s make sure we treat it like any other Max Life Foam. Allow for it to saturate itself and don’t push on it so it saturates faster because then you’ll have pockets in the foam.  

Come on over to #DesignTime with Jackie Lacey this week and learn more about this new awesome product from Smithers OASIS! Check out more by clicking on the video below or the Floriology Institute blog: