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Marrying Technology With Growth

When some business owners think of digital marketing, they can become intimidated. However, making digital strategies part of your marketing arsenal is not nearly as challenging as you might think, and the rewards can be highly valuable.

Consider the benefits. Digital marketing gives your business an opportunity to be seen by people who might not drive past your shop or see your ad in the local paper. In fact, digital marketing is among the most efficient methods to increase your profit potential – especially for weddings.

Here are some easy ways to step up your digital game this wedding season.


Social media builds your audience while maintaining relationships with current customers. Facebook is a great place to post photos of the wedding arrangements you have created. The world’s leading social destination also provides enough room to write a short anecdote about your experience with your newlyweds.

On the other hand, Instagram is photo-facing, so you can save yourself the time of writing out a long post and add a few sentences describing the photo. Also, make sure you are using hashtags to tag your photos in different libraries for anyone to view. For instance, if you use #springweddings, someone can put that into the search bar on Instagram’s explore page and find your photo, as well as photos from everyone else using that hashtag.


Just like word-of-mouth works in your local community, it also works online through reviews. Ask the recently married couples you have worked with to write a review about you on Google Business or Yelp.

It’s important that you are also responding to reviews, not only to express your appreciation for the customers who wrote the reviews but to show potential customers that earning positive reviews is something you constantly strive for. Make sure you also keep your business listings up to date with your hours and contact information.


Whether it’s through Google Ads or social media, advertising online can help increase your brand awareness. Running digital ads is a targeted way to reach a specific audience. You can choose your audience to be anything from engaged couples to married people interested in renewing their vows.

Bottom line? Digital marketing provides an inexpensive and highly powerful way to connect with both existing and potential customers – highlighting your experience, emphasizing your commitment to personal service and showcasing your artistry and imagination in creating beautiful bridal arrangements. To see how Floriology’s Digital Marketing Services can help you, visit here.

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