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Market Plan and Inventory Needs for the Upcoming Year

At the start of each new year, each of us should have a plan for products that your shop will need for the entire upcoming year.

First – Have an inventory list of all the containers you currently have on hand and any standing orders or pending shipments you have not received yet.

Next – Plan which products and containers you will be offering this year. Based on last year’s sales, you will have a good idea of how many orders you filled and which products were the best sellers. When it comes our three major holidays (Valentines, Mother’s Day and Christmas) although the containers change each year, your sales should remain fairly consistent unless the holiday falls on a weekend.

Set up a page for each month, similar to the form above.

Also remember the seasonal color changes, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

January starts the Gift Show season that many florists go to for their Christmas giftware. Purchasing at this show, majority of the products are coming from overseas and start arriving in the USA in July & August and begin shipping soon after that. There will also be regional shows, State Florist Associations and Wholesalers conducting shows featuring products you just can’t live without. Try to make it to one or two of these shows, seeing the latest products and network with your fellow florists. Who knows, you might meet a florist that sends a lot of orders in your town!