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A Little Rosy Story

To celebrate that June is rose month, we have collected some history fun facts regarding this magnificent flower! As a florist you have the power to help clients express their love to the fullest by providing quality product and designs. Spread the love this summer with beautiful rosy arrangements! 

Ancient Rose Love 

The rose is one of the most loved flowers out there. Their history starts about 5000 years ago in all early civilizations located in temperate latitudes. The Egyptians painted them in their pyramids and the Greeks and Chinese used them in their gardens. However, modern rose breading as we know it today, slowly started in the 17th century and accelerated in the 19th century, when the China Rose was introduced to the continent.

An Imperial Rose Romance 

Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon’s wife, was in charge of further expanding the development of rose breading techniques. While her husband was trying to conquer Egypt, she bought the Chateau de Malmaison in France, and hired English floriculturist and landscapers to build a magnificent rose garden. Josephine became fascinated by roses and wanted to continue expanding her garden. To make his beloved wife’s dreams come true, Napoleon send his warship commanders to look for flowers and send them to the Malmaison. What a romantic gesture!

Current Rose Love

Fast forward to the 21st century, women and men are still fascinated by the beautiful roses. As a florist you have become a commander of love! According to The Floral Purchasing Tracking Study, 43% of all roses purchased are made at local florists compared to only 24% made at grocery stores. These are great news! Clients will go to you when they are looking for this romantic flower. You can help your clients express the love they have for one another by guiding them through the journey of finding the most beautiful and Romanic floral arrangement that meets their needs. Here are some floral arrangements and bouquets that are perfect for your clients looking to surprise and enchant their loved ones!