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The Larkspur: July's Birth Month Flower

Every month is special in its own way. Each month has their own birth stone, zodiac sign, and even their own birth flower. The birth flower for the month of July is the Larkspur. The Larkspur can grow as tall as 6 feet high and can be found in a range of colors including purple, pink, blue, red, yellow, and white. Aside from being July's birth flower, what makes the Larkspur so special? 

There are several very different but very unique stories and myths about the Larkspur out there. One neat story takes us back to William Shakespeare. It has been interpreted that Shakespeare was referring to the Larkspur as "Lark's Heel" in his "Bridal Song" poem.  A beautiful poem for a beautiful flower! 

As with many flowers, the Larkspur is referenced in mythology. Part of Native American Legend, one myth explains the origin of the Larkspur. According to the myth, the Larkspur was formed by a curious celestial figure that tore apart the sky, twisted part of it to form the spike and as it fell down towards Earth, the blue color of the sky clung to it. The celestial figure wanted to use this to climb down to Earth, but as the sun began to rise, the stalk dried up, creating the smaller Larkspur we know and love today! 

Warning as this myth is a bit more graphic. According to one variation of a Greek myth, after the death of Achilles, Ajax and Ulysses presented their claims and arguments over his arms to the chiefs of the Greek army, and the arms were granted to Ulysses. Out of anger, Ajax then took his own life with a sword, and his blood was spread across the land. According to the myth, the Larkspur, bloomed where Ajax's blood had spread on Earth and his initials, AIA, could be seen on the petals of the Larkspurs. 

One story sites that Larkspurs were used in magic and remedies by witches but also by people trying to protect themselves and animals from witches. It is said that witches in England used the Larkspur to create protection spells, cure ailments, and in Summer Solstice celebrations. Meanwhile, in Transylvania, people were placing dried Larkspur in front of their stables to keep witches from casting spells on their animals.  

Regardless of what the true origin of the Larkspur is, the flower will always remain beautiful and special to the month of JulyThe larkspur represents love, affection, the desire for laughter, and a pure heart, just as our July babies do. Wishing all our July babies a happy birth month and hoping to see more and more Larkspurs around!