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Know What You are Selling

Knowing what you are selling is just as important as knowing what you are buying. A flower’s beauty goes beyond its look. If you know the meaning of a flower, you better know your customer.

It is easy to assume Valentine’s Day is the day to send flowers… because it is. Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for florists. While there is nothing wrong with giving someone a preassembled flower arrangement, it is important to send the right message. The flowers you choose carry a distinct meaning that goes along with it. 

Don’t worry. I have you covered. It is as simple as 30 second google search to find the meaning of your flower of choice. I have broken down the meanings of some of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers, and why you should keep them in stock. 

The most popular Valentine’s Day flower, to no surprise, is the Rose. This gorgeous bud is associated with love, romance, beauty and perfection. I mean, it makes sense. What woman doesn’t want to be told she is beautiful and perfect? Rose’s price often rises during the holiday because of the massive demand, but whomever receives this classic flower is going to love them. These should be the flower you order the most of.  

If someone is looking to give something a little different this Valentine’s Day, consider pushing Sunflowers– my personal favorite! These flowers may scream summertime, but the big yellow beauties represent warmth and happiness all year round. They are a wonderful reminder to always look at the bright side of life because Sunflowers thrive on tracking the sunlight.  

Peonies are another popular flower during Valentine’s Day. These fluffy blooms carry the meaning of romance, prosperity, and bashfulness. Giving these flowers are believed to deliver charm and a wish for good fortune. Peonies are the perfect flower to sell to someone who wants to give flowers to a crush. 

Tulips are a terrific flower to give during Valentine’s Day! They are the most popular flower in the world. Their meaning is tied to comfort and warmth. These flowers aren’t just distinguishable from others but are also a classic and affordable option. You can’t go wrong keeping Tulips in stock. 

The very affordable and long-lasting Carnations will have their recipient appreciating them long after Valentine’s Day is over. Although they often get a bad rap, Carnations are very commonly used in flower arrangements, and the consumers love it. These ruffled beauties represent fascination and new love.  

The swirly, twirly Ranunculus flowers are a unique and popular statement during Valentine’s Day. These pretty flowers radiate charm. Quite literally, they represent charm, attraction, and radiance. They are the right flower to sell someone who wants to spread charm.  

For a man that has been in a relationship for a long time, may I suggest Gardenias. These elegant flowers are loaded with fragrance. They are going to fill any room with love. Gardenias are a little pricey and are sold as single blooms. However, their meaning signifies purity, joy and deep, old-fashioned love. Anyone that receives Gardenias is sure to feel loved. 

While there are many beautiful and popular flower arrangements given during Valentine’s Day, any of these beauties are going to win over their recipient. No matter the choice your customer makes, keeping these flowers in stock is smart.  

Giving flowers is a timeless gesture. Remember, don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to push the importance of giving flowers. Spontaneous gestures mean more than anything. It shows the beauty beyond the flower, and we know flowers are very beautiful.