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To Know is to Prosper

Knowledge Council offers a wealth of information that can help florists thrive


It’s been said that knowledge is power. The BloomNet Knowledge Council was created to provide information, insights and strategies that BloomNet Florists can utilize to grow their businesses and enhance their profitability.


The Knowledge Council offers: analysis of current and future business and consumer trends with a focus on how those trends can impact flower shops; best practices for floral retail businesses; the latest floral design trends; strategic talking points florists can utilize in communicating to consumers the benefits of working with a local florist; and many other topics of vital importance to professional florists.

Content that is explored, developed and shared by the Knowledge Council can be accessed by florists through several channels, including, floriology magazine, and

The information is presented via videos, blogs and articles. Florists who serve on the Knowledge Council include: Maris Angolia of Karin’s Florists in Vienna, Va.; Andie Muller, AIFD, CFD, FSMD, of The Flower Studio in Altamonte Springs, Fla.; Rob Cook of Nancy’s Floral in Gresham, Ore.; Thaddeus Servantez, AIFD, CFD, of Westminster Flowers and Gifts in Westminster, Colo.; Yunus Daginawala of Conroy’s Flowers in Encino, Calif.; Jodi McShan, AAF, of McShan Florist in Dallas, Texas; and Bob Tucker, AIFD, CFD, FSMD, of Miss Daisy’s Flowers & Gifts in Leesburg, Fla.

“We wanted a very diverse group…from different parts of the country, different sizes of businesses, gender, ethnicity, skillsets, years in business and experience,” says Renato Cruz Sogueco, AAF, PFCI, BloomNet Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education. “Because the group is so diverse, fellow retail florists will get a wide range of knowledge with lots of depth for each topic.”

All members of the Knowledge Council are extensively involved in their state associations and with SAF (Society of American Florists) and AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers). “In fact, a primary objective for the Knowledge Council this year is to participate as session speakers at upcoming SAF and AIFD programs to extend the mission beyond BloomNet Florists. We already have a session that will feature Council members slated for the upcoming SAF Convention (Sept. 18-21 in Amelia Island, Fla.) focusing on the benefits of hosting in-store events to attract and introduce the floral business to millennials. Participation at these types of events – where other participants are also progressive florists – will benefit Council members by exposing them to even more best practices. Their learnings will then be shared with BloomNet Florists through their blogs, videos and other content,” explains Renato.

Content from the Knowledge Council is 100% raw and unfiltered. “Fellow florists are getting knowledge that is straight from the Council members’ experience and expertise, which they have developed over many years,” continues Renato. “What they are sharing is purely for the purpose of helping their florist peers thrive and prosper. Florists will absolutely learn from the successes, as well as the mistakes, of our Council members… and florists can convert this advice into profitable practices for their own shops.”