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Keepsake Container Lid Attachment Instructions

If you did NOT receive the metal teapot lid pick for the Timeless Teapot (PC#139874), please utilize items above from your local wholesaler, and follow the steps below for a quick-fix for the Teapot Lid Attachment.





You will need: 

  • 1 Timeless Teapot Lid 
  • 2 6” wood floral picks 
  • 1 adhesive dot/dash, glue


Timeless Teapot Step 1

Place an adhesive dot or dash around the top of (2) 6” wood floral picks. 

Timeless Teapot Step 2

Insert the adhesive side of the wood floral picks into the indentation of the teapot ceramic lid until the 2 wood floral picks are secure. 

Timeless Teapot Step 3

Insert the wood floral picks with teapot ceramic lid on an angle into the Oasis Foam inside the base of the teapot.