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It's All in the Details

Corrine Heck, founder and owner of Details Flowers Software, knows first-hand how challenging it can be to create bridal proposals and plan the many intricate nuances associated with a wedding. Several years ago, after gaining experience as a designer in a flower shop and then working for a flower importer, Corrine started her own retail boutique – focusing on designing bridal arrangements and wedding decor for many different clients.

However, she says it became immediately apparent that something very important to her business was not available. “I saw right away that there was no system of management to help me sell my bridal services...for example, a system that would make it easier and far less time-consuming to estimate costs accurately and price my services accordingly,” says Corrine. “Writing proposals was taking an enormous amount of my time, and I found myself falling behind, especially when I had multiple consultations.”

Then she had an idea: why not create a technologically advanced, yet easy to use software platform that would make the tedious job of calculating and drafting wedding proposals faster while also creating opportunities to earn more money on each wedding?

Corrine began tracking every bloom along with the costs and metrics for every event she handled... and she used that data to build a vital source of information for planning and pricing weddings more efficiently and with stronger profits.

After years of perfecting her system, she invested in the knowledge of database experts to scale her wedding and event planning model – and following a full year of development, Details Flowers Software was launched in 2015. “Hundreds of florists across the U.S. as OWNER’S CORNER by Mike Pucci well as in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada are now using Details Flowers to manage their events,” Corrine states.

The Details Flowers platform resides on the cloud, so florists and floral designers don’t need to download an app. They just visit and sign-up to use the software on a monthly or annual basis. The platform can be conveniently accessed from any device, desktop or mobile.

The continually updated Details Flowers Software platform provides an extensive and robust array of wedding-planning features – including elegantly designed proposal templates, images that can be dragged and dropped into each proposal, tools that can dramatically simplify the process of procuring flowers, and perhaps most important, tools that help assure the right pricing so florists can optimize their profits on each wedding.

“I’m proud to say that florists who are using our platform are telling us that they’re gaining numerous vital benefits as they quickly, easily and precisely create detailed, great-looking proposals not only for weddings but also for corporate events, birthday parties, and all kinds of other social gatherings,” says Corrine. “Simply put, Details Flowers streamlines proposals, simplifies the payment process, and helps ensure that florists and floral designers can be more profitable down to each arrangement.”

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