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It's All About Support: Meet Inigo!

Meet the Team

Inigo Del Rivero

Business Management System Technician & MDC Support Engineer

Length with Company: 6 years


Industry Experience/History

At the young age of 15 Inigo started working in the floral industry part time in his family's retail floral shop which provided him the experience in all aspects of the floral industry. By 2008 he finished his studies and received his diploma as a microcomputer technician. During that time, he opened his first flower shop, all while attending college. As a shop owner and BloomNet member Inigo had BMS Installed in 2009 and he immediately realized the benefits of the BMS system. In 2011 Inigo transitioned the responsibility of his flower shop to his mother and joined the BloomNet Team as a Technician. Through his tenure with the company he was promoted to BMS Technician and later to MDC Support Engineer. 

Personal Tidbit

Since joining the BloomNet team in 2011 Inigo has gained extensive knowledge with the BMS system in conjunction with the experience he has had as a business owner. It helps him understand the requests from our users and helps in troubleshooting BMS. He also speaks Spanish and can help our user who feel most comfortable communicating in Spanish vs. English. 

One word of advice for Business Management System

"We have several ways to reach us for support for any matter you might have. If you need a fast response the best option is to come into chat support located at the bottom right corner of your BMS screen. If you require a call back contact us at 866-256-6663 to speak to someone regarding your matter and through email at"

Inigo's Tips & Tricks for Business Management System

Tip #1: DLCF Completion  

It is a good practice and habit to double check your delivery confirmations were completed properly and entered into BMS. Here are few steps you should take to your delivery confirmations were completed at the end of the day:

At the end of the day, the 'Out for Delivery' bucket count should be 0. If not, check your out for delivery box to confirm you do not have any orders pending delivery confirmation. 

Confirming from 'Awaiting Delivery' bucket: If you are confirming directly from the awaiting delivery box, after you have submitted your delivery confirmations check that the number of awaiting delivery has gone down and click on awaiting delivery bucket one more time to confirm you do not see any awaiting deliveries. At the end of the day the awaiting delivery bucket should be empty for deliveries today.

 Check you pending trips! In the Awaiting Delivery bucket click on the 'Pending Trips' tab to ensure orders for delivery today are in a pending trip.









Tip #2: Expedite Order Taking with Card on File

Did you know you can expedite a sale by using a previously saved credit card on file for the customer? This feature can come in handy when the returning customers call to place an order and want to use a saved card on file. It's easy to save cards on file:

In Order Entry:

When placing an order and processing the credit card simply check the 'Save?:' radio button when entering the card number. This action will automatically store the encrypted card on the customer file for future use. 

In Customer/Company Management. 

  1. Click on 'My Customers' and then either Customer or Company management
  2. Search for the desired customer and click on the pencil to the right
  3. Click on the 'Manage Credit Cards' on the right side of the page
  4. Click on 'New Credit Card' and fill out the required information in this screen. 

Next time your returning customer comes simply search for that customer during order entry. Under payment options select 'Credit Card'. A drop down menu will appear allowing you to select the card on file or enter a new card number.

There is no limit to the number of cards you can save on file for a customer. The best part? All information is encrypted in your Business Management System and safely secured to maintain PCI compliance!

Tip #3: Draft Printing  

Are you sick of reprinting orders and wasting supertickets that come over with bad grammar and incorrect spelling? Implement the new draft printing tool now available! The Business Management System has the ability to print orders on plain white paper first, allow you to review the order and make any necessary edits prior to printing on a superticket. Reach out to one of our highly trusted technicians like Inigo to learn more about this feature and how you can implement it today!