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Interest Customers with a Sip and Stem.

You may have heard of wine and dine. To wine and dine means to “entertain with good food.” 

This usually occurs when there is business at hand or you want to butter someone up. You first start with some mouth-watering, often expensive, food that is often paired with equally extravagant wine (other forms of alcohol can be substituted).  

Many businesses use this form of entertainment to gain the interest of customers. They hold events where people can learn about painting, sculpting and more while sipping on some chardonnay or beer. Pairing good food and drink with whatever you are selling is an effective way to get more customers in the door.  

Florists can create a variation of events from this one technique. One example event is a “Sip and Stem.” Like the wine and dine, customers can sip on some drinks and munch on some food while having a blast at your flower shop. If your space is not ideal, renting out a location may be your solution. 

 Attendees can learn how to properly make a bouquet and how to care for it. They can also learn the language of flowers and which flowers to give for different occasions. One thing that separates flower shops from other businesses is that there are so many opportunities to teach customers what we do.  

Owners can create multiple events using this format. Customers can come for one week to learn about bouquets and then return the next week to hear about something new. This could also be a fun date idea or an ideal girl’s night out.  This mode of operation ensures that people will keep on coming back. It is a surefire way to make a profit and teach both beginners and seasoned gardeners. Flowers are an interesting subject matter, so spots will fill up quickly. 

It’s time to learn and earn while wining and dining at your next “Sip and Stem.”