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Insights Into Millennial Social Media Usage

Insights Into Millennial Social Media Usage

It’s correct to conclude your Millennial customers use social media, but in order to correctly invest your shop’s time and resources in social campaigns, you need more insight into exactly how they use it. Fortunately, many insights about their social usage can be found in the American Floral Endowment‘s (AFE) 2016 Millennial Marketing Tactics study found at Let’s interpret the findings.Millennial Social Uses Chart

Focus on Photo and Video Posts

As you may suspect, Facebook and YouTube dominate usage with Instagram and Snapchat 3rd and 4th, respectively. Photos and videos are the preferred media types for postings which resonate with Millennials so it’s important to step up media quality — check out this previous blog for more on improving photo and video qualityConsider using a Smartphone as your primary media capture device. Use Google Photos to store all these photos and upload all your videos to a YouTube Channel you create for your business.

Two Groups of Millennials

Think managing campaigns on four different social media is not possible? Well, let’s distill this data, even more, to help you allocate resources. Many studies group Millennials in just one massive group — ages 21-39, a very wide range. But what the AFE study reveals is that older Millennials tend to use Facebook and YouTube more while younger Millennials use Instagram and Snapchat. This is the result of the fact Facebook started up while older Millennials were still in college which is the same for younger Millennials who started to use both Snapchat and Instagram while in school.

So which sub group would you rather focus marketing efforts? Older Millennials with established jobs and earning income or younger consumers who probably are still in school and on a budget? Our recommendation is to focus much of your effort on Facebook, start capturing video and start posting video content to both to Facebook and a YouTube channel you create for your shop. Older Millennials do use Instagram so this would be our third choice. Wait on using Snapchat.

Don’t Sell, Entertain

Millennials don’t want to be straight up sold on your products and services. They’d like a little more character in posts to get to know your business. What resonates? Anything that may entertain or educate them such as funny videos and photos; flower facts and information; timely response to online reviews, comments; invites to in-shop events; constant posting of shop activity; and videos of trend and care advice.

Since videos can potentially go viral, focus video content to showcase your expertise of trends, care info, demos, and discuss in-shop activities geared to Millennials.