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Increasing Perceived Value into Flower Arrangements

Did you know midollino stick scan make your designs go from nice to fabulous? For those who are not familiar with this amazing decorative natural, midollino sticks are flexible sticks that come in a variety of colors. You can do great things with these flexible sticks! Bend them and place them on your arrangement to add an additional interest factor to your designs.

What makes the midollino sticks even more valuable is their low cost per stick! Oasis products sells bags of midollino for $15.05 per bag and each pack contains around 200 sticks per bag. This means each stick will cost you around ₵0,08! This is amazing! You can modernize a simple arrangement with little added cost. This also means you can make more profit as the added cost is less than what consumers would be willing to pay.

Now go out there and explore midollino sticks! You can get creative and make something beautiful with this simple material. Use your imagination to twist and bend the midollino sticks to create modern floral designs. If you are trying to reach a younger generation, these types of arrangements resonate well with millennials. Here are some examples of fantastic floral arrangements that use midollino sticks!

Do you want to see Jackie Lacey AIFD, PFCI, AFF use midollino Sticks? Check out his video in Floriology Institute's blog!