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Incorporating Fall into Your Designs

Incorporate fall and all it entails into flower arrangements and designs in just a few easy steps. Summer is starting to slip away, and fall is right around the corner. Help transition the season by adding small touches and details into your arrangements to entice customers. It is important to have them embrace fall and look forward to the upcoming season.  

One of the easiest accessories to incorporate into your designs are bags of waxed or dried leaves. The colors of fall are emulated and can be put into summer floral arrangements.  

To do this, take a stem of leaves from the bag and break them up into smaller pieces. Start tucking them into areas that need a pop of color. If you want to be more contemporary, look for colors that oppose one another. An example would be purple and orange. These contrasting colors are vibrant, and play off each other. They hold their own and draw attention in. You can either have a lot of purple with a touch of orange or vice versa. 

You can also incorporate fall into the vases you use. Summer designs can be put into pumpkin shaped vases, and they will help get the job done. You do not have to use any flowers associated with fall. The vases are a nice touch for those who have summer flowers to spare. You can also decorate your everyday containers with fall foliage to get that autumn feel. It is a great way to push your design to the next level.  

We can’t forget about the succulents. As previously discussed, succulents are very popular right now, especially the ones with red, orange, yellow, and pink colors added in. Add these in with regular plants to decorate an ordinary box. Add a candle to spice things up. 

For people who don’t want to see any orange, green foliage and flowers are a good option. Deconstructed sunflowers and outside folia make the design more summer-like and provide a good balance with the fall colors.  

With fall arriving soon, it is good to start planning. Add little splashes of fall color to your summer designs in anticipation of the season. Colorful flowers, berries, and leaves will all work beautifully. Have fall incorporated into your current arrangements, and you will be more than ready when the season rolls. 

For an in-depth demonstration with fall designs, join Floriology Institute’s Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, on this week’s #DesignTime