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Improving Your Webpage During Coronavirus

One of the best marketing tools you have is your business webpage. Take this current downtime to clean it up, so it’s appealing to the eye.  

The Society of American Florists recently held the “Prepping Your Website for Holiday Sales” webinar. It emphasized how important your webpage is now more than ever. According to Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI, and Kami Martin of Flower Clique, before quarantine measures, 50-70% of consumers visited a website before making a purchase. This has increased to 80% of consumers now looking at a webpage and lists of services before making a purchase. With most of our population at home, online shopping has increased by 30%. 

Improve your site by first recognizing what message it is sending. Your messaging should be clear and concise; popups are commonly used for this purpose. They need to have the same messaging as what is on the website behind it. To help with clear messaging, everything on the homepage should be clickable. There shouldn’t be any deadlinks; every click should lead somewhere. 

Your website's homepage is the bestselling page. Consumers are most likely to purchase a product visible on it. First impressions are made and have the highest conversation rate. List your featured designs on the page. They should be some of the most expensive designs and be placed above the fold. They have the highest impact on your sales because consumers tend to purchase within the first three options, and they don’t like to scroll down webpages. 

Take this time to organize and slim down your products. As many shops remain open, there has been a slowdown in the transportation industry. It’s difficult to get products in the traditional timeframe, so it’s very important to simplify your offerings. Vonda and Kami highly suggest that you go through your flower lists and make serious considerations.  

Which designs can you make? How many can you produce with your resources? Which flowers do you need to have in order to create them? How many of each recipe can you make? 

Once you have made those considerations, it is important to “skinny down” your webpage. Remove designs and arrangements that use an excessive number of products or are unattainable. Focus on maintaining designs that are easiest for designers to get and create. Hide products that aren’t essential and fall under categories like floral art, modern or lavish.  

Having arrangements that fall under important categories like Mother’s Day, birthdays, get well or roses should be the top priority. Have arrangements that can be placed within multiple categories. Consumers aren’t likely to search through different categories for a specific event. 

Use this downtime to curate your website. As much of the world keep social distancing measures, it’s important your business practice is active online. Take the time to improve your site’s usability as consumers are moving into the virtual market. Click here to watch the full “Prepping Your Website for Holiday Sales” webinar by SAF.