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How to Write Instagram Posts

Some say that pictures speak a thousand words and Instagram has shown that this is true. According to Hootsuite there are around 25 million business profiles on Instagram. Their data also shows that this social media has the highest interaction rate. What does this mean for your business? If you want people to know about your flower-shop you should create a business Instagram account and begin posting. But do not post just to post, you have to tell a story through your images – the story of your brand. Here is how to share your story through Instagram!

Instagram Features

Instagram Posts

On your business Instagram page you can post photos as well 1 minute long videos. These photos and videos should reflect your brand. Show your consumers what makes you the local flower-shop they should buy from. Post pictures of your flower arrangements, any events, or backstage shoots that might interest your consumer. Remember, you want people to see you as their friend, so keep your posts professional but repeatable.

Post Descriptions are very important. They should not be more than one sentence and should explain what is going on on the photo or video. Be creative, a pun or two never hurt anyone.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are different from your the videos on your feed. They are shorter (15 seconds)  and disappear after 24hrs. These short videos are perfect to showcase the day to day life of your flower shop.

Instagram Television (IGTV)

IGTV allows you to create a channel where you can post longer videos. These videos can be up to 1 hr long! These types of posts are perfect to post tutorials or snapshots events.

Don’t Forget to Hashtag

Hashtags help you be found. In your posts and videos remember to hashtag relevant words that would resonate with your target audience. To learn more about hashtags check out Floriology's blog on hashtags.


If you need help with your Social media posts we are here to help you. The Floriology Digital Marketing Services team is made of marketing experts that can help you develop an amazing social media presence!