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How to use Instagram during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As social distancing measures are keeping us apart, social media has become the best way to connect to our communities. As a florist, this is an opportunity to build your social media strategy and your following. The Society of American Florists has become an amazing resource during this unprecedented time. During their “Social Media Strategies for Florists” webinar, a wealth of knowledge and tips on climbing the social media ladder were shared.  

Carly Anechiarico of Blossom Flower Shops in Yonkers, New York, shared her tips on increasing engagement through Instagram stories and TV. Unfortunately, Blossom Flower Shop, along with many others, had to close their shop due to government restrictions, but that hasn’t stopped them from remaining relevant on social media.  

Carly suggests creating giveaways with florals from any canceled orders or events. Advertise the giveaways on all social platforms for cross-promotion. Doing this will create a lot of traction from a variety of channels, which can lead to your post becoming viral. This gives more exposure to your shop.  

Carly also suggested utilizing Instagram’s LIVE feature. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, apps like Facebook and Instagram have experienced a 40% increase in usage. Since so many people are home, the time you go live matters less than what you are broadcasting. Carly suggests that for your first LIVE to create an arrangement. She also suggests that you save your live broadcasts to repurpose them on IGTV and/or to add them to your Instagram highlights.  

You should create a COVID-19 Instagram highlight, this will allow people to watch the LIVE well after its 24-hour expiration date. This highlight is a great way to organize your content, it’ll direct followers to one place for all pandemic related content.  

We hope these tips will help you transform your Instagram presence during this pandemic. Instagram is an amazing asset for your shop right now. Even if your shop has to close, you can remain relevant as an educational resource for your community. For more information on upcoming webinars from the Society of American Florists, click here