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How-to Reuse Dead Flowers

When running a flower shop, you aren’t always going to sell everything. Sometimes a certain flower or design are out of style or are too old to sell. Sometimes you just end up with dead flowers.  

Many shops choose to throw away the waste and wash their hands of it completely, but they don’t have to. Florists can use these dead flowers to create new and exciting products that they can promote along with fresh flowers. Pair these products with certain bouquet styles or have them sell on their own. Here are some products that a florist can make with their floral waste. 


Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and spices put inside a bowl or jar. The combination creates a pleasant aroma used in and around the house or at jobs. Florists can use their dead flowers that do not sell to create their own potpourri. Take the dead petals and combine them with petals from other flowers. Put them all in a jar, and you’ve created potpourri. This allows you to reduce waste and offer something new.  

 Make a Bouquet

This may seem strange, but you can also create bouquets out of dead flowers. Some people like the style. They are also great choices for Halloween-inspired bouquets.  

Utilize your wilting flowers by following these steps. First, trim the flowers down and hang them upside down. This will allow them to dry out completely. As they do, spray them with hairspray. After a few days, reapply the hairspray and leave the flowers alone until they are completely dry. 

The hairspray causes the flowers to retain their shape and look, creating a unique style. Offer these bouquets as alternatives to fresh bouquets for the people who want something that will last longer or just want something different. These bouquets make for good table decorations among other things. 

If you are looking to reduce waste and learn how-to reuse dead flowers, get creative. Trends are changing and so is your clientele. Consider their style and the products you have the next time you consider tossing your product away.