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How to Retain Customers

Having a loyal following can make or break a business. If customers are not treated with respect, then the likelihood of them returning and purchasing more products decreases. It is always wise to seek new customers, but it is equally as important to ensure your returning customers are kept happy with the product they purchase. Satisfaction guaranteed is important, but there is more to it. Florists need to practice these techniques to help retain customers. 

Have a Variety of Products. 

It isn’t enough to design pretty arrangements. Consumers are looking for aesthetically pleasing, trendy styles for both home and office. It is important to offer a variety of different types and colors. Offer multiple options and incorporate your unique style. Set your business apart from other flower shops. Offer something that only your shop could. When you stand out from other flower shops, you become more relevant to the consumer. Show your customer product they can’t get from anyone else. This will attract new customers and keep your loyal customers coming back for more.  

Focus on Service over Money. 

Although money is essential, what matters to your customer is the service you provide. Customers will remember how you treat them and will return if the experience they received is a positive one. How you handle your business can make or break your reputation. Treat your customers with respect and offer discounts to improve their visit. Even if other flower shops are more popular, you will still have a steady flow of customers because of how you do business. If you focus on beating your competitors with sales, not just with service, your shop will prosper. 

Actively Engage with Customers. 

Be sure to communicate with customers even after they have left. Social media is key to keeping your shop relevant and staying informed with popular trends. Stay active with your business accounts. Answer questions and create engaging content. Social media can be used to help solve customers’ problems. Show your customers that you care about them. Being swift in response will help paint a positive light for your flower shop. 

Variety opens the door to opportunity. Knowledge offers relevance, and engagement helps paint a positive light. It is not enough to gain customers; you must retain their business. If education and experience is not used than it is lost. If you are looking for how-to retain customers, start from what you have to offer and look for ways to grow your skills and promote what you have to offer.