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How to Respond to Online Reviews

Answering to reviews is very important for your business. You want to encourage your clients to give you feedback and let their community know their opinion about your service. This way, your flower shop’s name is out in the public. With this being said, reviews can be a two edged sword. The good reviews are great for your brand image, yet negative reviews can detract people from buying flowers from you. This is even more important when your clients buy flowers online. Reviews, are one of the few things they can use to make a purchasing decision. Here are some tips on how to respond to those good reviews as well as those negative reviews.

Always be Professional

Regardless of the type of review, remember to be professional. You can be friendly and casual but always remember you represent your flower shop . You might feel indignant by your client’s reviews, but it is not wise to reply using your personal emotions. Never curse out your customer or put the blame on them. This will look bad on you and what is posted online will forever be online.

For Positive Feedback

  1. Thank for the positive review
  2. Use your Business name and key words to help SEO.
  3. Add a little marketing. Share with them any special offers you have going on.
  4. Tell them about any other products they might like.

For Negative Feedback

  1. Apologize and sympathize with your client.
  2. Explain what your customers normally experience. Let them know your clients normally enjoy their flowers.
  3. Keep the response short and sweet.
  4. Don’t include your business name nor key words. You don’t want other people to find these reviews.

Addressing negative and positive reviews is a must to shape your online brand. If you need help managing your online reviews our digital marketing experts at the Floriology Digital Marketing Program are here to help. To learn more reach out!