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How to Recover from Event Cancellations due to COVID-19

The floral industry is adjusting to life during this COVID-19 pandemic. As we all navigate these unforeseen times, the Society of American Florists is helping the floral community through education in their webinar series. In this blog, we will recap some of the important points to consider from their “Recovering and Rebuilding Wedding and Event Work” webinar. 

As the industry continues to adjust to the pressures caused by COVID-19, florists around the world are coming to terms with event cancellations. The first thing that needs to be done is to get ahead of potential cancellations. Reach out to clients that have upcoming events to create a plan to move events to a later date. Everyone is adjusting to mandatory closures and social isolation. Consider this and try to be very accommodating.   

Instead of canceling events, negotiate with clients to reschedule them. This allows you to reschedule events for the summertime, which is typically slow for weddings. Incentivize clients to book within the week instead of the weekends to increase revenue. Getting clients to postpone allows you to maintain cash flow through deposits since you won’t refund any money.   

If you can reschedule events, you must consider new arrangements as some flowers may not be in season in the latter part of the year. Consider incorporating a redesign fee. This will inform clients on floral availability, explaining what florals were in season for their original planned event and that due to circumstances beyond your capabilities, those cuts may not be readily available anymore. This allows clients to either trust you to make the best decision for substitutions or charge them to redesign everything.  

As social distancing continues to be the norm, take this time to consider new marketing strategies. Use this downtime to create new arrangements with the florals you have on-hand to update photos on your website and social media pages. This would be a great opportunity to market pick-up services for smaller ceremonies clients may do at home. Try creating new social media campaigns, we even created some free assets to get you started! 

As the country deals with the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to prepare for the future of your business. You can stay open and thrive in the upcoming months. Visit here for the latest COVID-19 webinars from the Society of American Florists.