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How to Prepare Your Shop for Valentine’s Day

According to The Balance,  Valentine’s Day saw $20.7 billion in sales in 2019. Consumers spent $1.9 billion on flowers. To make sure that your shop is ready for the holiday, here are a few tips on what you can do to prepare. 

Before you start putting in bulk orders for inventory, review your past few years' records. Use this data to start prepping your inventory. This will help you best estimate what you'll need without getting lost in the latest trends.

Get ahead of the game. Send out emails and post to your social media to remind your customers to order early for the holiday. This can help with returning sales. Having customers preorder will also help give you a better idea of essential inventory.

Once you believe you are ready to take orders, it is important to organize your staff. Have an attack plan for every step of the order process. Start by hiring extra part-time hands. They could be extra drivers or someone to handle phone calls. Look for college students or retirees that may be looking for extra money or have some extra time on their hands. 

Take this moment to organize your workstations. Setting up workstations will give your designers their own place to work. This will prevent overcrowding, and it will help keep the focus on the overall execution. Divide tables up by zip codes to help pre-plan delivery routes. This will help ensure all deliveries are out on schedule. 

Designers should take some time to prep traditional designs like a dozen roses. Traditional orders will always be extremely popular. Being able to have these ordered prepped in advance will allow you to accept more orders and create more personalized designs.

Incentives are another useful way to get through the holidays. Consider treating your employees to lunch. You can cater food in the shop, or you can provide snacks and drinks for the busy workday. This will show your employees how much you care and appreciate them, but it is also a way to make sure they don't have to leave the shop during the rush. It's a win-win.

We hope these tips help lead your shop into a successful Valentine's Day. Continue learning more about how to make it successfully through the Valentine's Day rush here.