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How to Prepare for Valentine's Day 2018

Yes, I know, it isn't even Christmas, and we are talking about Valentine's Day! For most Florists, Valentines is our largest and most profitable holiday. If we do some planning and execute our plan to the best of your abilities, we should be able to maximize our Sales and Profits

Here are some tips to help you as we approach Valentine's Day! First, review your numbers from Last Valentines. Keep in mind this year Valentines falls on a Wednesday, which is ideal. That gives you three working, business days to make deliveries. For most of us, we should have already taken all the orders we can possibly deliver and turn away business by the 14th. One way around that issue is to get your customers to accept a delivery date of Monday or Tuesday. Offer a free balloon, $1.00 off delivery, a free rose or something else that is creative that will get your customer to accept an earlier delivery date. Remind your customers to offer early, it helps. Just remember, most men will wait until the last minute to order.

Valentine's Day is a Rose Holiday. Remember to place a pre-book order for the roses you will need this year. Most of us will pre-book 60-70% of the roses we need for the holiday along with leather leaf or its replacement and Gyp, by the first of January. As you get closer to the holiday, the availability of roses may become limited, and the prices start rising cutting into our profit margins. Pre-Booking may give you peace of mind when you know that most of your roses will be there when you need them.

Everyone will be busy starting February 1st thru the 15th of the month. Make sure you have labor. For sales, it is steadily building the first week and continues the second week. By Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it is insane!

Design has three large days of delivery requirements that can't possibly be completed without working 24 hours each day. For design, space becomes the largest challenge. You can pre-green some vases, but where do you store them? Another challenge is staff. A possible solution is to get the sales staff to sell off of a shorter menu and eliminate as many specials as possible. An example is Roses. Red is the most popular, then Pink, Lavender, Sonia, Yellow and White. When a customer wants a dozen rose arrangement and gives you the stem count of each color, it becomes a special. Specials slow down the production of the design staff. Yes, you should take the special order, but it should not be offered unless the customer insists.

With the increase volume for delivery, you may want to think about contract drivers. They use their own vehicle, pay for the gas and get paid by the order. The rate is usually $3 - $6 less than your delivery fee. If you charge a $10 delivery fee, pay $7.00 to the contract driver. Just remember when hiring a contract driver, they represent your company. They should have a neat appearance, big smile, non-smoker and a Van or SUV to drive would be ideal.

Good Luck on Valentine's Day 2018!!!