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How-To Package, Sell and Style House Plants

House plants are a rising trend for today’s generation.  One of the most popular is the succulent. Three reasons for succulent’s popularity are their exotic feel, livliness and low maintenance nature. The house plant trend stems from the desire to nurture without fulling committing.  Succulents offer this while still adding a needed vibrancy to a space. They are small. They are available in a colorful variety, and they are easy to maintain anywhere for a modern aesthetic.

It isn’t enough to offer just any houseplant in your shop anymore. You have to stand out from your local grocer or big box. Give your customer something they can’t get anywhere else. Offer plants with design and planters that are textured, colorful or stylized with sayings.  You can even pair a plant with the perfect planter to set a theme.

Consider hosting a plant how-to in your shop drive in customers after hours. Show them a variety of different plants and planters and how to care for them. People are looking for easy ways to care for plants without all the hassle. Plants can become a part of your art, your design and your inventory. They are a piece of artwork, so it’s important that your customers know how to take care for them and know where to get them when they want them.

For a hands-on demonstration on how-to package, sell and style house plants, join Jackie Lacey for this week’s #DesignTime, so your shop can meet this rising trend.