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How is Instagram Saving the Floral Business?


It’s no secret that social media influences everything, including the floral business. Surprisingly, Instagram has set a growing movement amongst florists of all kinds. Find out how you can take advantage of this in order to successfully set trends and market your flower shop!


How did it start?

Like most social media trends, this movement started by accident. Flowers have become an aesthetic of their own on Instagram. Whether it be for an event, such as a wedding, or an organic accent to a lifestyle image, they are widely utilized in this visually focused social platform. 













Are Florists the New Influencers?

A florist's job focuses on styles that appease the eye - making Instagram the platform for self-promotion. Now more than ever, florists have the power to set trends through social media, all while working directly with farmers to create instant demand for certain kinds of flowers. 

Influencers play a big role in this movement. They are all about getting the perfect images - often taking pictures in front of flower walls, sitting in flower baths or creatively using them as props. In turn, this had a direct impact on the way florists are seen on Instagram; they’ve become influencers themselves. 

You can make your shop THE place for influencers to come in and buy (or even pose) with flowers. Get creative! Ask influencers to tag your shop profile and location in their posts. This is the best way to draw in younger generations, who may not otherwise buy flowers, to our growing market- both figuratively and literally. The flower Instagram movement has resonated so much that flower festivals and small community events have grown exponentially. The more flower pictures go viral on Instagram, the more these events become popular and the more the flower industry benefits. 

How Should We Take Advantage?












There is no doubt that everyone in the flower industry should hop on this trend and benefit from expanding their business. You can use Instagram and other social media platforms to increase your product sales.

However, it might be difficult to run a business and implement a marketing strategy simultaneously. For that reason, Bloomnet’s educational resource at Floriology Institute has Social Media Management and Search Engine Marketing services to help do the heavy lifting. This can help you with branding, engagement, optimization, Google Ads and so much more. Make sure to request a FREE consultation to find out what is best for your business. 
The Instagram flower aesthetic is a relatively new movement that can only continue to expand. In just a few years, this trend has helped the industry evolve. Social media is a powerful tool that we can utilize to keep up with these trends; something that we should always keep in mind when running our businesses. 

If you’d like more information about the latest trends in the floral industry, make sure to keep an eye out for our next #TrendTracker blog on Facebook and Instagram