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How-to Incorporate Phalaenopsis Orchids into Everyday Designs and Event Work

Phalaenopsis orchids are elegant flowers. They are great houseplants and are one of the trending blooming plants on the market. Their popularity is often due to their luscious blooms and long lifespan. If properly taken care of, they can last up to three months. Phalaenopsis orchids come in a variety of colors, making them a popular choice. Incorporate phalaenopsis orchids into your everyday designs and event work with these useful tips.  

Phalaenopsis orchids travel the best flat and in a long box. The flowers should be protected both above and below by sturdy packaging. Each stem should be individually tubed to ensure adequate moisture for the travel. The stems will also be taped down so be careful opening the package and removing the product. The stems will be stacked on top of each other with some padding in between. This will protect the blooms. Be sure when ordering that you know if the stems will be padded. If not, contact your wholesalers.   

Once you get them, put them in a container that will support the stem. You should use clean water to keep them hydrated. Do not put floral food or preservative in the water. Avoid putting them in a cooler, as they are cold sensitive. This could damage the blooms. Be sure to cut the stems every two to three days to ensure longevity.   

Consider incorporating orchids into fall arrangements. Adding lavender or purple flowers, such as orchids, help a fall arrangement pop. Think about adding two or three blooms to make the design livelier and more vibrant. The cut flowers will last only a few days without a water source, so be sure to let the customer know that before they purchase the arrangement.  

If you are using orchids for bridal work, consider wiring the flower. You need to support both the stem and bloom when wiring.  

Use a hairpin wire to do so. A hairpin wire is bent like its namesake. Slide the wire over the bloom inside and down beside the stem. This will support the stem. You then tape it off. If you don’t want to see the wire across the bloom, put some white tape over the bend of the wire. When inserted, the wire will be hidden within the bloom. The tape will also hide the stem. This is an excellent practice in wedding work.  

Phalaenopsis orchids can easily stand on their own. Their majestic size and stature make them a good option for houseplants. They can also be incorporated into premade designs as a main or supporting flower. When you use phalaenopsis orchids, the options are endless. Be sure to use your creativity to elevate them into a beautiful design.  

For more information on phalaenopsis orchids, be sure to check out Floriology Institute’s #DesignTime with Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD®, CFD®, PFCI as he gives a hands-on demonstration.