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How to Incorporate Irish Tradition into Your Designs

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by millions around the world. When creating arrangements, it’s important to incorporate as many traditional elements as possible. We’ve compiled a list of traditional Irish symbols that could be used in your designs


Though not native to Ireland, the shamrock has become a symbol of peace, luck, and abundance. It is also used to represent Irish heritage.  Saint Patrick compared the shamrock, or three-leaf clover, to the holy trinity, with the three clovers symbolizing God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

Shamrocks are ideal accessories for any St. Patrick's Day flower arrangement. Use the shamrock to complement or as a base for design in your work. It is additionally appropriate to display them throughout your shop. This can be done through cutouts, ribbons or with other trinkets to tie in this Irish symbolism.

Bells of Ireland

Ironically enough, this beautiful green shell-shaped flower is native to Turkey, not Ireland. Regardless Its color and shape have become a symbol of luck, earning its Irish nickname. Within its bell-shaped leaves there holds a tiny fragrant flower. It can be used to enhance those Irish themed designs. When using the beautiful bells of Ireland, try incorporating hydrangeas and hellebores to create a sophisticated design.


Roses are a classic floral known worldwide; they’re also native to Ireland. Creating an arrangement filled with white, yellow and green roses helps with the theme. Try incorporating orange roses instead of yellow to mirror the colors of Ireland's flag.

Unusual Touches

There are ways to incorporate Irish symbolism into your designs that don't involve florals. Incorporating food  into your designs is another way to spread Irish cheer while being unique

When creating a St. Patrick's Day design in a tall vase, consider lining the border with asparagus. Adding the asparagus will add green to your designs and texture that is an unparalleled dimension to your work. 

Adding split peas as a substitute for pebbles is another fun option. The split peas will fill a lot of the volume within your vase and is extremely cost-effective. The peas will help create an eye-catching character to the design. 

All these design suggestions are a two-part sell. They all add a fun element to the overall theme and are safe to take out and cook for a healthy meal! It is truly a win-win for St. Patrick's Day designs.

With St. Patrick's Day the 17th, we hope these. We hope these tips inspire you to think unconventionally when creating arrangements for smaller floral holidays. For more tips on St. Patrick's Day inspired flower arrangements, Floriology Institute's Jackie Lacey gives an in-depth demonstration of these designs on this week's #DesignTime.

Stay green, always be willing to try new things and may the luck of the Irish be with you as you design!