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How-to Incorporate Cushions, Daisies and Mums in Everyday Design

Cushions, daisies and mums are often left out of designs. They are not given the love that they deserve. CDMs (cushions, daisies and mums) are incredibly versatile and economical. They are also long-lasting. To work them back into your designs, you need to incorporate them in creative ways. Here’s how. 

Daisies are popular on their own.  By including different types of flowers with daisies, you can add a spot of color to a design. It will make the arrangement more eye-catching. You need to make sure that the CDMs are successfully incorporated. They will stand out on their own while adding value to a mixed design.  

CDMs can also be used as a basing technique. This occurs in more modern and contemporary designs. You can place them in multiple places, so they will mix in with the other flowers. One option is threading aluminum wire through the flowers. This gives an impression of a high-end design. It's contemporary and adds color. 

Dissected daisies draw attention to a design. Try pulling off some of the petals and including them in the design. Mix the dissected daisies with other floral products and sprinkle petals where they fit into the design. This will highlight the fact that you dissected the flowers.  

Buttons can be used to dress up your design. You can glue or attach buttons to the center of gerbera daisies to give them a new appearance. Simply separate the petals in the center, so the button will have a good place to sit. It adds that splash of color that customers desire. This trick can be used on a plethora of flowers. 

Cushions, daisies and mums are incredibly useful in floral design. They can help elevate designs and add a splash of color. They are also long-lasting. Be sure to use the tips and tricks learned here to increase interest in these flowers. 

For more information on how to incorporate cushions, daisies and mums into everyday designs, check out this week’s #DesignTime with Floriology Institute’s Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD®, CFD®, PFCI.