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How to Incorporate Calla Lilies into Your Designs

Calla Lilies are one of the most requested floral arrangements in the business, especially when it comes to weddings and sympathy. However, many florists run into problems when incorporating the flower. The stems have very high-water content, ensuring that the stems will break when pushed into foam. The positives of using Calla Lilies include elevating normal floral arrangements. Many patrons request them, and florists can use them to add another layer of design. Here are some creative ways to incorporate Calla Lilies into your designs.  

Like roses, people see a Calla Lily and see the true value. That means that Calla Lilies can stand on their own. As a result, you don’t have to do much with them. Any designs should be simple. A good way to use them is to swirl them in a container. Manipulate the stem by holding it firmly and putting pressure on it. This will cause the Calla Lily to start turning on its own. By inserting the stem into the vase a certain way, the flower will curl around. Add some foliage to increase interest in the design. 

When incorporating foam into the design, be sure to put the intensive design in first, followed by the foliage. If you put the foliage first, the flowers will accentuate them. You want the foliage to make the flowers stand out, rather than the other way. Calla Lilies can break if you push them too hard into the foam, so try using your cutting tools to create a hole in the foam.  To make your flowers even taller, use your aluminum wire and create a coil. Slip the stem in and work the wire around until it is properly supported.  Then put the flowers in the foam. 

Speaking of foam, if you are using an igloo-type holder, you have a way to feed water to the Calla Lilies. The flowers will break down if you push them into the foam, so cut a piece of the stem off. Then cut off an inch of a chenille stem and push it into the stem. Barely put the stem into the foam, and the chenille stem’s strength will keep the flower in place. It will also still let the water get to the flower. 

Calla Lilies are perfect flowers to use for fall, as well as weddings and sympathy flowers. It can be used in multiple arrangements and can even stand on its own. For an in-depth demonstration on how to incorporate Calla Lilies, join Floriology Institute’s Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, on this week’s #DesignTime.