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How-To Have Creative Flair for Certification Designs

Many of you are currently in the process of entering a competition or testing for certification. What better way to prepare yourself than by going over some of the techniques and areas that you will be evaluated on? Preparation is key! Familiarizing yourself in these areas will lead to your success in competition and certification.

During evaluation, judges are looking for who matched procedures and given directions. They will primarily focus on whether the elements and principles were applied from the AIFD Guide to Floral Design. Competition follows the same bases with the addition of who finalizes the techniques the best way.

Pay close attention to the areas of bailing, binding and banding. Make sure they are consistent and that pattern is part of the design. These techniques are highly important when it comes to evaluation and competition.

Evaluators pay attention to the techniques being used and how they are implemented in each specific design. They don’t just look at the techniques. They look to see if they are done correctly, if they are organized correctly and if they fit with the category and description given for the particular design.

Remember, the incorporating techniques is not only about following them or using that particular creative flair. It’s also about proper execution and that the techniques of the design fit with what evaluators are looking for.

For an in-depth example, join Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, on Floriology Institute’s Design Time as he continues the journey of reviewing the Elements and Principles of Floral Design, so you can be better prepared for upcoming evaluations and competitions.