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How Does Mindful Wellness Improve Your Business?

The #SelfCare and Mindful Wellness Movement has been trending ever since the pandemic started at the beginning of this year. Studies show that people have been engaging in more time-consuming activities, such as gardening and design, in order to promote mindful wellness!

Maybe you are looking to join this #SelfCare movement. Here are a few tips for incorporating mindful wellness in your business tactics so that you can boost your floral business goals.

Mindful Wellness is a relatively simple concept. It’s all about making deliberate choices to benefit our mental and emotional health.

Statistics show that consumers have switched their behavior to focus more on wellness habits. During the stress of the holidays, it is especially important to keep your wellbeing in mind. Plus, you cause this concept to attract new audiences too.


A great way to do this is to support your consumers’ interests. You can try the following tips on social media:

• Create messaging that encourages, supports and inspires people’s wellness journeys. (Ex. quote of the day, fun tips and tricks and creating and promoting relaxing dynamics).

• Innovate around offerings that address people’s evolving needs and habits.

• Experiment with new channels and virtual mediums to deliver engaging experiences to your customers. You can take advantage of features such as Instagram and Facebook Live.

Since the shift to mindful wellness is prevalent, experts have started to re-imagine their routines and business tactics to keep consumers mindfully engaged.










What does this mean for consumer behavior?

New habits, such as floral design, will likely become second nature. This is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to become more relevant to the ways people’s lives are going. By understanding self-care and people’s interests in learning, we can adapt the way we cater to our audiences. 

Incorporate connection starters to boost the communication between you and your consumers, while supporting their mindful wellness journeys. You can create challenges, dynamics on Instagram stories and Facebook polls. This way, you will be able to create better brand loyalty, while letting them know that you genuinely care for them.



If you need some help coming up with creative and mindful ideas to engage your customers, we have your back!

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