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How do I reconcile my Wire Orders?

Do you ever wonder how you reconcile your wire orders? As the filling florist, it's important that you reconcile the orders you fulfilled. Also, reconcile the orders that have been sent to a fulfilling florist. Make sure to have a log of the orders you received and sent out. You can maintain the log anyway you want. For example, you can keep a manual handwritten copy, a POS / order entry system or use a wire service such as “Dove, Mercury and Bloomlink.”  

Onto the next step, look at the manual basis. The log sheet typically consists of one page. It lists the order date it was received, date it was sent, the florist code, florist name, recipient name and the delivery date with the order amount.  

Order volume can depict if you have a page coming with incoming orders (you are filling) or a page with outgoing orders (orders you’ve sent). It is a great idea if you consider adding a couple columns, so that you can tell who you received or gave the order to. For incoming orders, you can check the confirmation of the delivery and see if it was reported. Make sure this log is being used to report the incoming orders that you filled. This will help make sure you are getting paid from the wire service.  

Use your wire order log sheet and the statement you can now reconcile with the statement log you have. Start with the statement and order sheets. From this point on, make sure to mark the order on your statement and find it on the log. Follow by using the florist code to make a match. Make sure the amount on the log is the same as the one on the wire service statement. Hopefully, there is no difference. If so, report it.  

If you are late reporting, you may not get any credit the month you filled them. Repeat this step with the orders you sent to another florist.  If you're with a wire service already, there are programs that can reconcile for you and print the final copy off. 


This is money to a florist, so let's make sure you are getting the money for what you did. Stay informed! Don’t get charged for something you didn’t do!