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How to Attract Customers for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. There is no time like the present to attract customers for this festive holiday! St. Patrick’s Day isn’t traditionally thought of like a floral holiday, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. We have some easy tips for making an amazing profit opportunity for your shop!

Take Vivid Photos

Social media is visually based, Social media is visually based. Posting a few words isn't going to cut it when it comes to building sales and spreading awareness of your brand.  Posting photos on social media is a great opportunity to promote your designs for those smaller holidays, including St. Patrick's Day. Incorporate traditional Irish cuts such as the Easter lily, Spring squill or wild cherry if they’re available. If you can’t get any of these florals in on time, focus on adding symbolic features into your designs such as the shamrock, bells of Ireland, daffodils and green carnations. Use your social media strategy to show your followers what arrangements are available for each holiday.

Social Interaction

Don't just post. Engage with your followers. The more that your audience interacts with you on social the more trust they have in your products. Gaining customer loyalty can be achieved by creating posts that are focused on interacting with your customers. Ask them for their opinions, their likes and their dislikes. It shows you want to make sure they get what they are looking for. 

Creating polls is an asset that Facebook provides. It allows you to interact with your customers in real-time. Create social media graphics that ask questions like, “What is your favorite Irish flower,” or “Did you know that the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade is in New York?” This creates a communication channel with followers leading to more engaging content.

Facebook Live

Social media users are consuming more video-based content than ever before.

Facebook Live gives up a platform to not only connect directly and instantly with customers, but it also gives you content that can be repurposed that. Statistically, Facebook Lives receives ten times more comments than videos that are posted organically.

Take advantage of all that social media has to offer when it comes to promoting your designs for St. Patrick's Day and every holiday, no matter how big or small. Show your consumers designs, the inspiration for their homes and offices and holiday gift ideas. part of what is going on in real-time. Show them you are invested in them by giving live design demonstrations, by opening the door for conversation and by helping them see the bigger picture.

Floral holidays become floral holidays because someone promoted them as such. Get ahead of the shamrocks with green ideas and by showing your customers what they didn't know they needed. Get ahead of the holiday and start promoting now. Showcase your St. Patrick's Day arrangements and other gifts ideas. We hope these tips will help your St. Patrick’s Day sales. Share the luck of the Irish with your consumers and prepare your promotions ahead of time.