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Holiday Product Clean-Up and Clean Out

By now, the shop is decorated for the Holiday, and now it is time to stock the shelves with all your Holiday Product. It is also a suitable time, to finally clean up all those old items we all have hung on to, hoping we are going to sell or use them in an arrangement.

1. Get a table and put the old items with a big sign, “Half Off” or “$1.00” and see if your customers will purchase them.

2. Let your design staff sort through the old stuff and fill some of those Designer Choice orders.

3. If the item is broken, chipped, or just plain old looking, it is time for the dumpster.

4. Do not be afraid to start discounting some of your merchandise before the holiday end.

5. Too busy during the holiday, think of “After Christmas Sale”, there are a couple of benefits from the After-Christmas Sale.

  • Converts your merchandise to cash.

  • You do not have to pack it up and store it for another year.

  • If you are a calendar year taxpayer, you do not have to include on an inventory schedule for the tax authorities.

  • Less merchandise on the shelves gives you the opportunity to perform a good cleaning, before you roll into decorating for Valentine’s Day just 6 weeks away.

Keeping your shop looking clean and organized, will impress your customers, as they will view your shop as well-organized and professional!