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Holiday and Seasonal Merchandising Tips

During the holidays, merchandising is extremely important. If you don't promote it, you may not sell it. Merchandising is how you let people know what they need or want before they even know. If you don't have a merchandizing plan, you are behind before you get started. That is not a place you want to be. Now is the time to merchandize. Begin with these holiday/seasonal merchandising tips. 

Remember if you're not 10 minutes early, you are twenty minutes late. For all the on timers out there, it is time to pay close attention. You need to have a yearly merchandising plan. Keep track of your previous numbers and what is trending now. This way you will be prepared before the holidays roll around. Preparing your merchandising numbers is extremely significant.  

When merchandising in your shop, build displays that you can sell from. One way you can do that is by building your displays in pyramids styles. This is one way you can have products prepared to grab and go while ensuring the life of your display is still thriving. You always want to make sure your display still looks organized and well-kept even after products have been pulled from it.  

Use merchandizing products that are adaptable. If you can use color schemes and displays that will work for more than one holiday or season, do it! You can just rearrange products as opposed to pulling off every product and having to replace them. It is one less task to worry about, and it increases your shop's productivity.  

Used mixed textures and colors when merchandising. Your job is to cater to all people and every generation. With every generation, there are different styles. Use wire, unique vases and textured products to attract a variety of people. For the more traditional shopper, set aside some traditional aspects. Use vases, textures and flowers that meet the wants of many.  

Color variety is one way to merchandize to a wide variety.  You can even incorporate the color of the year. This year's color of the year is Ultra Violet. The color does not have to be overwhelmingly used, but it should add something fun to your merchandizing scheme. Merchandising should be fun and a creative reflection of who you are as a floral artist also known as florist.  

Although it is important to stand out, there is no shame in working smarter not harder. Just make sure that when you are merchandizing for the holidays and seasons, you incorporate something new and fun that will grab the shopper's attention. Holiday/seasonal merchandising tips will vary according to the message you are trying to send. Just make sure the message you display is one you are proud of. The best tip for merchandizing is to prepare and promote your products effectively.