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Happy Retirement Mark Nance

Happy Retirement to Mark Nance 

After 14 and a half amazing years working to build this company, our President Mark Nance is retiring. 

Bloomnet is very grateful for his leadership. If you don’t know Nance personally, there is one main thing that can be said about him, and it is through the voice of his close partners and friends. He is a man who will help people and share smiles wherever he goes. David Bailys recounted his long-time friendship and how Nance is a great leader and supporter. 

During the company luncheon, Nance gave thanks for his journey as a leader and attributed the greatness of our company to the people. Everyone in the room has made an impact by promoting the values and seeds of success that we stand for here at Bloomnet. 

As he embarks on his next chapter, we wish him all the best! 


Cheers and Bloom