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Happy Birthday

Floriology Magazine celebrates a decade of inspiration and education

It’s been 10 years since the first issue of floriology came off the printing press, and what a decade it’s been. The magazine was born with a commitment to educating and inspiring the floral community, along with showcasing the experience and expertise of florists, and sharing cutting-edge design and trend tips from many of the world’s most gifted floral designers.

“I really want our readers to feel we are in this together,” says  floriology Senior Editor Jackie Lacey, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, BloomNet Director of Education and Industry Relations. “It’s what will make us stronger and the industry stronger.”

From the beginning of floriology magazine, “Our goal was to strengthen and build community within the floral industry by sharing practical insights, innovative approaches and best practices from fellow florists to support their ability to form profitable relationships with their customers and recapture the joy of the language of flowers,” says former Senior Editor Lisa Carmichael, BloomNet Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development.

 “BloomNet has been dedicated to investing in and growing education for both the Floriology Institute and the magazine,” states Lisa. “This has enabled floriology to reach thousands of florists across the globe and expand our editorial coverage of floral design principles and elements, as well as the latest trends and techniques. Increasing the editorial content for design brings critical knowledge to florists to help them grow their business.”

When the magazine began, production of floriology was admittedly a bit of a learning process. Lisa recalls one issue when she tried to stage her own photography session at a flower shop. That didn’t exactly go well.

“While in Arkansas visiting with Jo Buttram of Shirley’s Flowers, I staged my first photo shoot and the pictures were awful!” she says.

“We ended up using some of their beautiful photos and sending in a professional photographer. So as the saying goes, don’t quit your day job!”

Now, vivid high-resolution photos are the staples of every issue and with an ever-growing offering of design techniques and an expanding assortment of article topics, floriology is constantly being enhanced. As time goes on, look for the magazine to continue to evolve with new media trends to bring you the best product.

And of course, the magazine will continue to share inspiring stories from florists, focusing on their commitment to their customers, their love of creating magnificent floral arrangements, and the successful ways in which they are growing their business.

“I have been involved since the inception of both the magazine and the Floriology Institute,” Jackie says. “That being said, we have changed a lot over the last 10 years just as the industry has changed. Change is a good thing and we always want to be fresh, innovative and adaptable as we look at the industry as a whole. Digital, interactive and augmented reality will find their way into all of our lives, so just stay tuned for what we have on the horizon.”

 Mike Pucci, floriology Managing Editor, has also been involved with the magazine since its inception. “We are all so proud of this publication and that pride is underscored by the positive feedback we often receive from our readers,” says Mike. “It is truly a delight and an honor to create every issue, and I thank our fantastic team of writers, photographers and graphic designers for their exceptional talents and all their hard work in making floriology so special.”

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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