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Halloween Flowers to Incorporate into Your Designs

With Halloween right around the corner, customers may request some Halloween arrangements. You want to make sure you create a design that is creepy and enticing. You can do that by including flowers that fit in with the whole Halloween façade. Here are some Halloween flowers to consider incorporating into your designs. 

Carnivorous Cobra Lilies 

Lilies are flowing, beautiful flowers that also have a taste for flesh. The carnivorous cobra lily is shaped like a snake and has a forked tongue. This flower is ready to strike at any sign of movement. Try pairing the lilies with dark colors to get the whole Halloween feel. Add a skull pot or planter to complete the look. 

Lotus Pods 

Freak out your neighbors with this holy pod look. Dried lotus pods are a deep brown color, fitting in with the aesthetic. The clustered holes also instill trypophobia in anyone who looks at them. Trypophobia is the fear of oddly clustered holes. You’ll be scaring any trick or treaters who come to your shop. The pods should take center stage in any design to maximize on the weirdness. 

Black Baccara Roses 

These roses were created with autumn in mind, so you’re already on the right track. The rose reveals dark red and black petals. This creates a mystifying appearance. Pair it with contrasting white flowers for a haunting arrangement. 

“Love-Lies-Bleeding" Amaranthus 

This plant will ensnare anyone who comes near. The panicles have red flowers that look like tentacles when you look closely. It gives the impression that it is reaching out to grab customers. It is recommended to pair this plant with big branches to increase the size and scare factor. 

Any and all these flowers add a haunted touch to any Halloween design. Halloween offers more than just candy for treats. Florists can have fun and get creative with designs for ghouls and goblins everywhere. Get creative and have fun because now’s the time for fun and fright.