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Google Algorithm Update—Optimize Your Website’s Performance

On May 4, 2020, Google released a new algorithm update. This is known as the "May 2020 Core Update." The SEO community has been working diligently to understand the new process for optimal success.

Maintain your website's performance, boost your traffic and conform to the algorithm with these helpful tips.

Do Not Over-Optimize.

Many large brands are replacing the spots of smaller, over-optimized sites. By reevaluating your keywords and developing a balanced keyword ratio, you will rank higher in search results. With this core update, less is more. 

Updated Penalties.

This algorithm update brought new Google penalties. Looking at these is the first step in understanding why your rankings decreased. If you are violating Google's SEO rules, your website will fall short in traffic. Some of the most common Google penalties are:

  • Duplicated Blogs
  • Invisible Text
  • Excessive Link Swapping 

You can see if your account has a penalty in the Google Search Console. If you do have a penalty, switch SEO strategies and edit your site's faulty content. 

Research Your Competition.

Ranking in the top Google search results is a competition among other competitors. The best way to see where you rank and how you can rank higher is through researching your competition.

Through Google Chrome, open an "incognito" browser and search for your website. Once you understand where your site is ranking, compare it to your competitor's sites. What are they doing differently with their SEO? Take time to explore their website and notice their recent changes.

You can benefit your website's SEO by understanding what works for competitors.

Stay Active.

Google has always favored newly posted content, which has not changed on this update. It is essential to post at least once a week to keep yourself relevant in Google's eyes. If you want your site to gain traffic, create a schedule where your company is frequently posting.

Whether you’re posting blogs, videos or infographics, staying engaged will benefit your website's traffic. 

By understanding Google's May 2020 Core Update, you can stay ahead of the curve and rebuild your website's SEO strategy. Now is your chance to be at the top of your SERPs.

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