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The Gladiolus: August Birth Month Flower

Happy August and a very happy birthday to all our August babies! Most of us know our birthstone and zodiac signs, but did you know the Gladiolus flower is the August birth month flower? Share some of these fun facts with your consumers and try incorporating the Gladiolus into your floral designs this month, particularly birthday flower arrangements!  

Time for a little history lesson on the Gladiolus flower! The Gladiolus was first appeared in Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is believed that between 1739 and 1745, Dutch and English ships in the India trade brought the Gladiolus from South Africa to Europe when they stopped for supplies in what we know now as Cape Town, South Africa. From there, the many tried to cross breed and create Gladiolus hybrids. In fact, the first hybrid was imported to the U.S. in 1866. 

The Gladiolus also known as the "sword lily" represents several hidden meanings. It is believed the Gladiolus is also known as the "sword lily" because "Gladius" is the Latin word for sword, which the leaves of the flower resemble. Some say the Gladiolus stands for remembrance, strength, calmness, and integrity. Some Victorian Romantics believed the Gladiolus had the power to pierce someone's heart with its beauty, which is why the Gladiolus also symbolizes infatuation. Additional hidden meanings are based off the color of the Gladiolus. The unique flower can be found in almost any color including white, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, salmon, and green, as well as bi-colors from hybrids, with each color having a different meaning from the Victorian era. For example, red represents passion and love while yellow represents friendship and happiness. 

The Gladiolus grows best in the warmer summer months and thrive in sunny locations. When growing this flower, plant the corms in drained or even sandy soil. You will also want to make sure you are planting them deeper than you might usually plant a flower (about 8 in), as the Gladiolus grows tall with many leaves; in windier weather, planting the corms deeper will also help to anchor the plant and prevent wind damage. Once placed in the flower arrangement, the Gladiolus, if cared for properly should live 7-10 days. 

You know the history, the origin and meaning, and how to grow and care for the Gladiolus so what's stopping you from including this beautiful variety-filled flower in all your floral designs? For the month of August, we highly recommend incorporating the Gladiolus in all your birthday arrangements and sharing some of these fun facts with your consumers! It still summertime, so it’s the perfect time of the year for your Gladiolus' to thrive!