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Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Staff

maximizing your sales staff

Sales labor is one of the more difficult areas to control since while the store is open, that position must be covered. So, while your salesperson is waiting for the phone to ring or for a customer to walk through the door, think about putting that idle time to good use.

Find Customers Instead of Waiting for Them to Find You

Your salesperson could reach out to your existing customers and remind them of birthdays and anniversaries, let them know that you appreciate their business, and explain the summer specials that you are running.

Reviewing a list of churches or funeral homes and call, asking if you can be of service to them. Next, look at the larger businesses in your area and approach them, asking for their business.

There’s Time to Train!

While it is slow, teach your salespeople to help out in design. Have them start with cleaning and filling buckets, and increase their skill sets to prepping the flowers, working with containers, and basic flower arranging.

Revisit salesmanship skills, including working with the customer to upsell, sell add-ons, and handle customer service issues.

Last and least popular, clean the shop. Your shop can always use a fresh look with new colors and merchandise.